Of git, get, and gud



I will place multiple scripts here which may fit a daily-use purpose but are not covered by e.g. the default repositories attached to Enterprise Linux systems inside a corporate environment.

So you may find something reinventing the wheel here ;)

On the other hand, if widespread enterprise distros like RHEL or SLE cover these, the scripts may also just base on packages existing. In case of such an assembly the packages will be referenced therein.

Shell scripting

Many executables placed here will be shell scripting. I still prefer this because a bash or ksh is present on most systems, while python or perl not necessarily are.

Any bash code here is also ksh compliant. ksh means: ksh93, and for AIX you better rely on AIX 7 - while AIX 6 has ksh93 it's a rather nasty fork IBM never cared to update too much.


  • ./aux: The auxiliaries used to check the validity of this repositories' content, e.g. code checkers
  • ./bin: "executables", intended to be directly run and not sourced
  • ./lib: "libraries", intended to be sourced to provide functions and variables
  • ./sbin: system "executables", intended to be directly run and not sourced