Of git, get, and gud



This repository bears small scripts that are designed to make Linux happily interact with $things coming from Windows, a rather flawed OS (or rather graphical interrupt handler instead of OS), often working around fucked-up designs such as "drive letters" or NTFS (or gods beware, LDM - eh, that is deprecated - or Storage Spaces - oh that was fucked up and excluded from 1709 and is now "alive" again(???)) and so on.

Pleading guilty (and you should, too!): Software companies are lazy and just code for Microsoft crap, and we have to tag along, in my case just for my hedonism aka. recreational gaming, in your case either that or e.g. tax software that is utter crap and makes Windows mandatory (hello, D*TEV, yes your software is addressed o/) and is not being beaten up by the lameheads at the German BSI (who rather bother you if a semi-random port is open, yes OPEN!).


TL;DR: mount windows drive letter either as read-only or read-write to $WINPARTS/letter, definition must be available in fstab(5)

This script runs inside a dual-boot environment. Thus, NTFS is used as the common base for larger file repos available to both OSes as there is no NFS, NAS, or multi-filer SAN available. Since Microsoft among their array of fucked up design decisions still insist on calling parti- tions "drives" and makes them available as "drive letters", this script addresses all those drive letters under $WINPARTS/drive_letter (see WINPARTS inside script). You might've guessed already: $WINPARTS/drive_letter is a folder, we use that, so we expect a definition in fstab(5). The script will skip anything not defined there.

THE PURPOSE is to make a drive letter available as read-write or read-only, as negative experi- ences with the garbled design of NTFS as file-system made the scripter decide to generally have them available as R/O and only make them writable on-demand.

Internet English: "How to use this script?" --> type scriptname -h :)