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@@ -6,6 +6,12 @@ often working around fucked-up designs such as "drive letters" or NTFS (or gods
that is deprecated - or Storage Spaces - oh that was fucked up and excluded from 1709 and is now
"alive" again(???)) and so on.
+Pleading guilty (and you should, too!): Software companies are lazy and just code for Microsoft
+crap, and we have to tag along, in my case just for my hedonism aka. recreational gaming, in your
+case either that or e.g. tax software that is utter crap and makes Windows mandatory (hello,
+D\*TEV, yes your software is addressed o/) and is not being beaten up by the lameheads at the
+German BSI (who rather bother you if a semi-random port is *open*, yes OPEN!).
## bin/winmount
TL;DR: mount windows drive letter either as read-only or read-write to $WINPARTS/letter,