Of git, get, and gud


What is

This is simply because I needed a place to stuff my private code in, sharing is caring and all those $reasons. is not a huge company with gazillions of employees (also, see below) so Github/GitLab collaboration benefits are not required here while the former is now owned by Microsoft and not in your hands, and the latter is way too much overhead for a small cozy site like this.


  1. First of all: public sharing. Be it a community thought or a bit of shameless self-display - praising the former and pleading guilty for the latter.
  2. I am a consultant and I'm running around places a lot. Companies, for reasons of cost-effectiveness (tee, hee), usually only offer internal interfaces of their repositories (for what needs to remain internal ofc) but no public port for those aliens of us who still identify with their work beyond desk and work hours. So: everything I created that is not confidential will reside outside those companies. Your decision.
  3. The thought before this would never have occurred if laziness did not interfere with my philosophy. I loved my first read of The Cathedral and the Bazaar , and people like Peter Ganten seeing no future in Closed Source and Profit Through Obscurity make me run around with a smile on my face. But for reasons of laziness I pushed any code into corporate repositories, which ceased when the SSH port was closed to the "WWW" but HTTPS wasn't (no DANE, no nothing, wildcard cert, lel), and I do like my SSH.

Why cgit?

I did experiment with GitLab even before the Github disaster, but decided for myself: this is too huge for a small site. I had gitweb runnign before, but changing the looks and contents of the web frontend while possible still looks like ancient tinkering about.

But lo, then the Gods hath created cgit! I discovered this only recently and immediately spawned an this instance. Nicely customisable, lean, performant. Even though he doesn't know me, I really love Jason's work and should he ever read this: your git content and server rock, man.

What is your time?

Why should we care? Not being negative here, I don't care about my own one either - cgit's default of speaking UTC is a nice one - we all come from different corners of the world and working in a global sector or having a global hobby should start to make us familiar with that. For those who don't get the drift: this is UK winter time / West Africa time all the year *sips tea near the mantle*