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I'm Batman!

It's a simple shell script that can do two things:

  1. Report the current battery charge and whether the battery is charging or not.
  2. Shutdown the machine if the charge is below 5%, the battery is discharging, and the user is privileged to do so.

Currently I'm including this in a cron file. This repository should soon host a systemd timer file as well.


[ ] systemd timer file
[ ] use [/var]/run instead of /tmp for the "are we rebooting"-file
[ ] -h parameter and maybe even a manpage

I'm Batman! [2]

Yeah, there's B.A.T.M.A.N. I'm aware of this redundancy, but Batman doesn't care! Also they are using a redirection(!) to www.

More seriously: I really don't care enough for now since I am only using this privately and for now am NOT using the other stuff. Maybe if they drop www, they make me reconsider ;)


Because I can :) There are other mechanisms out there, but I started this script in unintended ignorance of these and now I finished it ;)