Of git, get, and gud



What is this?

jango104 was a laptop inside a company. That said, it had been provided with a Fedora installation that was kept up-to-date, and all configs and setups are mirrored in this repository.

Cessation of operation. Most companies don't support Linux even for their Linux-only employees (that is, even a VM running Windows for their professional Microsoft-only enterprise software is often prohibited).



  • HP EliteBook 840 G3
    • Intel Core i7-6500U @3100MHz
    • 16GiB RAM
    • 1x 512GiB SSD
  • Docking Station occasionally used
  • DisplayLink USB HDMI adaptor occasionally used
  • Corsair padlock USB stick for data exchange, mountable by one user


  • OS: Fedora Workstation Edition (last: 28)
  • HDD: 200GiB HD for OS, 250 for KVM/libvirt, all of which are enrypted LVMs (except /boot and the EFI partition)
    • Rescue for the original Windows kept intact, using about 20GiB
  • Desktop software: i3-gaps (gregw's copr), xfce4-terminal, khal, timewarrior, taskwarrior, mutt (primary) + evolution (secondary), Vivaldi (primary) + Chromium (secondary), nextcloud+vdirsyncer, keepassxc, redshift

Folders in this repository


This folder reflects the output of several commands investigating the FS layout, the KVM layout, the installed packages, ... basically anything not reflected in /etc config files etc. (lel) telling you how the machine is set up.


The sole purpose of this folder is for any file tests (in this case, the Gitlab CI Runner's invoked commands) to fake an environment where any tests will not fail due to the docker container not having any sophisticated setup we simply do not need there, and instead narrow down tests to actual failures within the files. Hence, we present files which basically return 0.

See also the cp command in the .environ-prep script.

tl;dr: you don't need the fakeenv folder to set up anything existing in this repository.


This folder includes any dedicated configuration file and similar files distinguishing this system (there are many fedoras out there, but this is mine!™).

Basically I copy anything here that I consider relevant for yet another setup like this (minus those that I may have forgotten cough).