Of git, get, and gud



This contains all sorts of systemd units I have written for whatever purpose. Sometimes just for lack of alternatives :)

Some examples:

  • freshclam? No reason for it on Debian, but on Fedora (no package with a systemd unit on FC28).
  • KVM machines? libvirtd-guests is great, but not always wanted or available. (Obsolete exmple, that is now in a repo of its own. The idea behind still works ;) )

Consider this repository examples for now. Some of this is still heavy WiP, e.g. the KVM stuff is still too specific and not all dependencies required, goal is to make this more abstract/generic and less redundant.


The directories etc/systemd/system, etc/tmpfiles.d, and usr/local/[s]bin should be self-explanatory. Therein, you'll find the following:

  • freshclam(d): Quickly written service and scripts to start and stop ClamAV's freshclam as a daemon. The definition will update the ClamAV database 4 times a day. No need for a timer as this is simply a parameter passed on to freshclam. The script used for administering this is called freshclamd, it does not interfere with anything on a Fedora 28. Rename it if your distro is different, a Debian user will not need this at all ;) clamav-update only offers a cron.d entry.