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@@ -30,9 +30,13 @@ self-explanatory. Therein, you'll find the following:
autostart function of KVM, and machines can be safely shut down
with libvirt-guests - but in this scenario I wanted to automate
through and integrate everything into systemd services, so,
- well - here we are. Still under development, look at the
- comments in the services - the starting and stopping of the VMs
- is still insufficiently written.
+ well - here we are.<br/>
+ The script usr/local/bin/kvmhelper can also serve as a shortcut
+ or beautification, but its main purpose is to serve the systemd
+ units as a short-definition target with timeouts in itself to
+ come before the systemd timeout, *and* this has proper failure
+ values for a systemd unit (stop machine, oh it's down? not a
+ failure, we're satisfied!)
* **cluster-\*:** A simple systemd target describing dependencies on three
*KVM* machines (see above) which form a pacemaker (Red Hat pcs)
cluster, so they should be alive at the same time. One systemd