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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ goal is to make this more abstract/generic and less redundant.
The directories *etc/systemd/system*, *etc/tmpfiles.d*, and *usr/local/[s]bin* should be
self-explanatory. Therein, you'll find the following:
* **freshclam(d):** Quickly written service and scripts to start and stop
ClamAV's freshclam as a daemon. The definition will update
the ClamAV database 4 times a day. No need for a timer as this
@@ -23,6 +24,7 @@ self-explanatory. Therein, you'll find the following:
for administering this is called freshclamd, it does not
interfere with anything on a Fedora 28. Rename it if your
distro is different, a Debian user will not need this at all ;)
* **kvm-\*:** Stuff I wrote for starting and stopping KVM networks and virtual
machines through systemd. Networks usually are covered by the
autostart function of KVM, and machines can be safely shut down